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February 7, 2014

I-am-themTrue stories that challenge the distance between us and THEM

I am thrilled to announce my involvement on Martha Frances Williams‘ next project, “I am THEM”! Each episode depicts an artistically molded, true story, shared for the hope that light may be shed onto their uncomfortable, “taboo”, truths.  Williams aims for each story to strengthen the idea that, “we’re not so different you and I.”

“I am THEM” is a webseries designed to challenge Donate now!the judgments surrounding “hot button” topics and tough conversations – specifically, regarding the assumption that things won’t happen to “us”, only to “them”. My goal, is to dispel that myth – to remind us that there is no “them” … we are them. To accomplish this, I am gathering true, personal, stories and crafting them into 4-5 minute episodes that with one narrator, (me) the same for each episode, the audience won’t be able to write off a story just because “that person doesn’t look like me.”

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